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TEN Unveils D.A.R.T. Technology

ids QUAKE is first to benefit from TENs proprietary performance enhancing software, delivering fastest national online multiplayer experience

SAN FRANCISCO   Dec. 17, 1996 Total Entertainment Network (TEN) today unveiled its new proprietary data reduction transfer (D.A.R.T.) technology, developed to enhance multiplayer game play performance on the TEN network.  D.A.R.T. significantly reduces the amount of data transferred over TEN during game play, dramatically decreasing latency.   Showcasing the D.A.R.T. application, TEN's technical team optimized id Software's popular game QUAKE to provide TENs members with the best performance and most reliable game play available on a nationwide basis.

Taking advantage of TEN's extensive background in networked game programming, this new performance-enhancing software removes much of the redundant information transmitted by normal servers.  Players will see significant improvements in game play, especially on levels with many objects and open areas, which often result in the transmission of large amounts of excessive data and produce the greatest lag times in a multiplayer environment.  TEN intends to use the D.A.R.T. technology in similar fast-action games to ensure that they perform at their maximum potential.

"D.A.R.T. enhances our leadership position as the low-latency, high-performance multiplayer Internet game network," said Jack Heistand, president and CEO of TEN.  "Our customers define overall performance as a combination of speed, content and community, so we are confident that subscriber response to this advancement will be extremely positive."

The D.A.R.T. technology also increases the stability of a game by smoothing out bandwidth fluctuations that normally occur during multiplayer Internet game play.  The result makes a members connection and game play experience more consistent.

"D.A.R.T. demonstrates our ability to deliver superior performance  beyond what is available elsewhere on the Internet," said Bill Lipa, chief software architect at TEN.   "QUAKE is only the first game to benefit from our D.A.R.T technology.  D.A.R.T. and other proprietary technologies under development gives us the tools to rapidly deliver the best game play experience for each new title that comes online at TEN."

In addition to the companys new performance-enhancing software, TEN has also announced new features to provide the ultimate multiplayer QUAKE experience.  These include support for user-created modifications known as "QUAKE C mods" which are comprised of user maps, weapons enhancements and skins.  Further, TEN is implementing the first player ranking system available on the Internet for QUAKE.

While QUAKE C mods, which are developed using id Softwares programming language QUAKE C, are currently available on the Internet, TEN is the first online multiplayer gaming service to provide support for them in an easy-to-use format.  Rather than typing in command-line parameters to implement a modification (as is currently required to use many QUAKE C mods on the Internet), TEN members simply click on a drop-down box, select from a list of modifications and then start playing.  Supported QUAKE C mods included popular weapons such as Grappling Hook, Doggie Launcher and GibGun, user maps (user-designed game levels) and some command-line parameters, which allow players to modify the physics of the game such as the pull of gravity.  TEN will be accepting new QUAKE C modifications and user maps for possible inclusion in the service.  To submit a modification or user map for consideration, QUAKE enthusiasts can send a Zip file and a via email to

Working with the creators of the original MultiSkin and MultiSkinPro mods, TEN has also added a "TENSkins" mod that lets members change the appearance of their QUAKE character.  With TENSkins, members can select one of 28 images, or skins, to make their characters look like anyone from TENs Mr. Bandwidth to O.J. Simpson.

TEN will also offer player rankings for this popular title that go into effect later this month.  Player rankings offer TEN's members constantly updated standings  each time a player logs onto QUAKE they have the ability to improve their position and score.  Similar to ranking systems currently in place on TEN for Duke Nukem 3D and Command & Conquer, members earn rewards, prizes and tournament spots based on their ranking.

 To sign up for the TEN service, people can go to and download the software or request a free TEN CD-ROM (Windows 95).  Technical support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 1-800-8040TEN.  Customer support is available daily from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. (PST).

TEN recommends a Pentium 90 with Windows 95, 16 MB RAM, 28.8k bps modem and 2X speed CD ROM.  The minimum requirements for using the TEN network are 486/66DX2, Windows 95, 8 MB RAM and a 14.4 bps modem.

Total Entertainment Network is the premier entertainment network for game playing consumers on the Internet.  TEN has online rights to more than 25 games  half of which are TEN exclusives  by leading software publishers including 3D Realms Entertainment, Apogee, Blizzard, Eidos Interactive (formerly Domark), id Software, Maxis, MicroProse, SSI and Westwood Studios.  Based in San Francisco, TEN was formed in 1995 from the merger of Planet Optigon, Inc. and Outland, Inc.  TEN received its initial funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, with subsequent investors including:  Ameritech; Goldman Sachs; Robertson, Stephens & Co. and Vertex Management. 

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