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TEN Adds Blizzard's Megahit Diablo to its Online Roster

Top Role-Playing Game Benefits from Extended Testing and Community-Building

SAN FRANCISCO   March 6, 1997  In keeping with its tradition of delivering the best online multiplayer versions of top PC entertainment titles, Total Entertainment Network (TEN) today announced immediate support for Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo role-playing game (RPG).

Diablo, which has quickly become the most popular online multiplayer RPG to date, has been subjected to exhaustive testing and careful integration procedures at TEN over the past month.  The resulting TEN-supported Diablo is the most stable online iteration of the game, as well as the most player-friendly.

First and foremost, TEN has enhanced the Diablo multiplayer experience by giving gamers the ability to both password protect and designate the number of players allowed in a given game.  This enables novice players to avoid unwanted encounters with higher level players, and vice versa.  TEN's support of Diablo will also provide some "anti-cheat" capabilities, a top "wish-list" item for serious Diablo fans.

In addition, TEN gamers will have access to important information about their Diablo companions both before and during a Diablo campaign. All  players inside a game will have their Diablo character name, class, and level, as well as their TEN screen name, displayed to other players outside the game.

"Unlike other online sources of Diablo campaigning, TEN has an obligation to its paying subscribers to deliver an online implementation that adds value to the original, standalone gaming experience," said Lesley Mansford, vice president of marketing at TEN.  "To achieve this goal each time we introduce a new title will in some cases mean not being the first to provide online support for a given game  but it should ensure that TEN will be the best place to enjoy a given game."

To help familiarize its subscribers with Diablo, TEN will also be conducting a series of "orientation" sessions for beginning Diablo players or those who haven't played the game in an online, multiplayer setting.  The orientations will be hosted by TEN employees, users, and guides.  Diablo orientations will cover the basics of playing Diablo on TEN, with an emphasis on the online, multiplayer experience and the etiquette of  cooperative gaming.  There will also be Diablo trivia contests during the orientations, with software and TEN logoware as prizes.  Diablo orientations on TEN will be held:

Thursday, 3/6,  4:00 - 6:00 p.m. (PST)
Friday, 3/7,  4:00 - 6:00 p.m. (PST)
Saturday, 3/8,  Noon - 4:00 p.m. (PST)

For more player information on Diablo on TEN, visit the TEN Web site (, or check the news areas and the Diablo datasphere on the TEN network.  For additional press information on Diablo on TEN, please contact PR Manager Garth Chouteau at (415) 778-3774; email:

TEN  screen shots are available in digital format upon request. 

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