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Law and Chaos are Worlds Apart in DARK SUN Online

TEN Adds New Dimension to Online-Only AD&DRole-Playing Game  

SAN FRANCISCO April 10, 1997  Total Entertainment Network (TEN) today announced that Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI) has released an upgrade to AD&D DARK SUN: Crimson Sands (DSO), the persistent-environment role playing game available exclusively on TEN.  TEN also announced that the new DSO, version 1.1, establishes DSO as two separate worlds -- the Law World and the Chaos World -- each catering to a different style of play.

"We've found that there are two types of Dark Sun players," said Alex Beltramo, DSO producer at TEN. "Some players like to cooperate to ensure that everyone has a good experience. Others treat DSO as a competitive game, one where distrusting other players is part of the fun. Neither approach is wrong, but mixing the two can lead to player confusion and frustration."

By establishing two separate worlds, TEN handles this dilemma elegantly.  In the Law World, cooperative play is the watchword; although players may sometimes fight each other, they do so on a consensual basis.  In the Chaos World, players watch their backs; this is a hostile world in which trusted allies are extremely valuable and equally scarce.  In the Law World, there are rules (upheld by in-game staffing and player feedback to TEN) to ensure the common good; in the Chaos World, anything goes.

Feedback from the thousands of DSO players has also resulted in a number of other enhancements in DSO version 1.1, in such areas as player-versus-player combat -- making duels fairer to both parties -- and to the game's magic system. The next version of DSO, expected later this Spring, will feature a world almost twice as large as the current game.

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