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TEN Goes Commercial

Leading interactive entertainment network for game players offers special introductory pricing to first 25,000 members

SAN FRANCISCO  September 23, 1996 Total Entertainment Network (TEN) commercially launched its service today with special introductory pricing for the first 25,000 members.  TEN, the first commercial Internet entertainment network that allows for true national play, has enjoyed a successful open public beta for the past six months with more than 25,000 beta users convening to play hit PC games.

TEN offers the strongest and most comprehensive line-up of hit action, strategy, simulation and role-playing PC titles from which game playing consumers can choose and will have more than 20 of the hottest games available by the holidaysalmost half of which are TEN exclusives.

"The key challenge for developing the best Internet entertainment network is to license content that attracts consumers and builds communities," said Keith Benjamin, managing director, Robertson Stephens & Co. "We believe TEN has a competitive lead right now because of the number of content exclusives signed."

Games currently available on TEN include:

  • Duke Nukem 3D (3D Realms Entertainment)-Exclusive
  • Dark Sun®: Crimson Sands (SSI®) -Exclusive
  • Panzer General (SSI)-Exclusive
  • Command & Conquer (Westwood Studios)
  • Necrodome shareware (Mindscape®)
  • Warcraft (Blizzard)

In the next few months, TEN will offer a broader selection of games including:

  • Duke Plutonium Pak (11 additional levels and new weapons from 3D Realms)-Exclusive
  • Deadly Games® (SirTech®)-Exclusive
  • Confirmed Kill (Eidos, formerly Domark)-Exclusive
  • Quake (id Software)
  • Deadlock (Accolade)
  • Master of Orion II (Spectrum HoloByte/ MicroProse)
  • Necrodome retail version (Mindscape)
  • Big Red Racing (Eidos, formerly Domark)
  • SimCity 2000® (Maxis)
  • Command & Conquer Win 95 (Westwood Studios)
  • Ultimate Duke (3D Realms)

In addition to multi-player gaming, TENs members are able to chat with other game players nationwide, as well as look up the ranking and profiles of competitors.

By the holidays, TEN will also add features providing customers with greater functionality, including e-mail support, up-to-date editorial coverage from experienced game publication editors, TEN newsgroup support and enhanced player communication features.  TEN will also host tournaments, contests and special promotions.

"Working closely with our 25,000 beta users, our group of leading designers, editors and artists have built TEN to be a unique Internet community.  Their combined efforts have resulted in TENs  distinctive look, feel and voice delivering the best entertainment network available," said Jack Heistand, president and CEO of TEN.  "TENs success stems from the pent-up demand for a national, low and consistent-latency entertainment network that offers the best PC hits available in the marketplace."


TEN offers a selection of pricing plans for people to choose from based on their quantity of play.  For additional convenience, TEN offers members the flexibility to use their own Internet Service Provider (ISP) or use TEN to provide low-latency Internet access via Concentric Network.  The first 25,000 charter members who sign up before Dec. 31, 1996 will receive TENs special introductory prices through Dec. 31, 1997.  To reward its beta users, TEN is offering them an entire month of play for free beginning Sept. 23.

TEN is offering new members a trial period with five free hours to explore its service, this includes Internet connection time if the customer uses TEN for its Internet access.  In addition, if a new member selects the hourly rate plan, the monthly fee for the first month is waived.

For More Info, Call

TEN Press Contact:
Garth Chouteau
Tel:  (415) 778-3774
Fax:  (415) 778-3520

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Pricing plan options

Charter membership
(50% off standard membership if you sign up now)


Type of service

Hourly rate plan



Includes 5 hours of TEN and internet connection time if a customer uses TEN for their internet access

Each additional hour (after the 5 hours)



Does not include internet connection time

Flat rate plan



Includes unlimited use of TEN,
does not include internet access

TEN / Concentric internet access



Internet Access provided by TEN through Concentric Network

With the commercial launch of the service, TENs marketing efforts, beginning in October, will focus on aggressive member acquisition programs including bundling the TEN software with trade magazine CD-ROMs, OEM and hardware bundles, as well as an Internet and print advertising campaign.

To sign up for the TEN service, people can go to and download the software or request a free TEN CD-ROM (Windows 95).  Technical support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 1-800-8040TEN. Customer support is available daily 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. (PST).

TEN recommends a Pentium 90 with Windows 95, 16 MB RAM, 28.8k baud modem and 2X speed CD ROM.  The minimum requirements for using the TEN network are 486/66DX2, Windows 95, 8 MB RAM and a 14.4 baud modem.

Total Entertainment Network is the premier entertainment network for game playing consumers on the Internet.  TEN has online rights to more than 25 games, over half of which are TEN exclusives, by leading software publishers including 3D Realms Entertainment, Apogee, Blizzard, Eidos Interactive (formerly Domark), id Software, Maxis, MicroProse, Spectrum HoloByte, and SSI.  Based in San  Francisco, TEN was formed in 1995 from the merger of Planet Optigon, Inc. and Outland, Inc.  TEN received its initial funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, with subsequent investors including:  Ameritech; Goldman Sachs; Robertson, Stephens & Co.; and Vertex Management. 

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