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TEN Adds Command & Conquer to Growing Lineup of Games

Leading interactive entertainment network for game-players continues to rapidly increase list of popular games

SAN FRANCISCO September 4, 1996 Total Entertainment Network (TEN), the leading interactive entertainment network for game playing consumers, and Westwood Studios, Inc. today announced a license agreement to bring Westwoods Command & Conquer to TEN.  The addition of Command & Conquer, one of the years most successful PC titles, strengthens the list of best-selling games offered on TEN.

Now playing on TEN, Command & Conquer has sold more than one million copies worldwide and has become one of the most popular strategy games.  In the games hyper-real combat experience, players are thrust into the heat of an all-out race for global control.  Players can side with the peacekeeping alliance, called the Global Defense Initiative, or bring the world to its knees by siding with the terrorist organization, The Brotherhood of Nod. 

All games added to TEN need slight code modifications to function on its multi-player game network.  "Because of the sophisticated development techniques built into Command & Conquer, it only took four hours for our engineers to make the modifications necessary for this game to play well on TEN.  The ease with which it was modified demonstrates both the high quality of Westwoods engineering and the technical strength of TENs network," said Jack Heistand, president and CEO of TEN.

"Moving Command & Conquer to TEN was a logical step for us," said Brett W. Sperry, president and CEO of Westwood Studios.  "TENs reputation, technology and broad nationwide reach made it an excellent choice for expanding our audience.  Due to our advanced communication technology and TENs network, game players can now play Command & Conquer across the Internet."Command & Conquer joins TENs already impressive lineup of games, including Duke Nukem 3D, Deadlock, Falcon 4.0, DarkSun and Deadly Games.  "Command & Conquer has been one of the most requested titles during our beta testing phase, so were very pleased to make it available to our customers," continued Heistand.  "Westwood Studios is exactly the kind of company we are looking to partner with because of its ability to provide technologically strong, multi-player games." 

Command & Conquer is the latest in a string of mega-hits coming from Westwood Studios.  Formed in 1985, the company has consistently released popular titles including: the Eye of the Beholder series, Dune II, the Kyrandia adventure trilogy, Lands of Lore and Monopoly for the Internet.  Each title has sold more than 250,000 units worldwide.  To reach Westwood Studios, call 702-228-4040, or visit

Total Entertainment Network is the premier consumer network for game playing consumers on the Internet.  TEN has online rights to more than 25 games, over half of which are TEN exclusives, by leading software publishers including 3D Realms/Apogee, Blizzard, Eidos Interactive (formerly Domark), Maxis, MicroProse, Spectrum HoloByte, and SSI.  Based in San  Francisco, TEN was formed in 1995 from the merger of Planet Optigon, Inc. and Outland, Inc.  TEN received its initial funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, with subsequent investors including:  Ameritech; Goldman Sachs; Robertson, Stephens & Company; and Vertex Management. 

Members can reach TEN through their own Internet connection or one of TENs nationwide access numbers.  The software will be available initially for Windows 95.  To reach TEN, call 415-778-3500 or visit


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