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Apogee Plugs In to the Total Entertainment Network

Award-winning publisher to provide exclusive 3-D action games for online service

SAN FRANCISCO  August 14, 1995  The Total Entertainment Network (TEN) today announced a partnership with Apogee Software Ltd., acclaimed publisher of Wolfenstein 3-D and the Duke Nukem series.  Under the agreement, Apogee will furnish four games for exclusive online use by TEN, plus two more on a shared-exclusive basis.  The titles include Xenophage, developed by Apogee, plus Duke Nukem 3D, Terminal Velocity, Ruins and Shadow Warrior, all developed by 3D Realms -- a division of Apogee.

"3D Realms is doing amazing work with 3-D graphics, and their immersive games will intensify the TEN experience," said Daniel Goldman, president of TEN.  "Apogee is continuing on its trend-setting path.  They will make an outstanding content partner."

According to Steve Miller, Apogee founder and vice-president of marketing, "TEN will finally provide an online home for gamers.  TEN's style matches our games perfectly and we are looking forward to a long, successful partnership."

Apogee Software Ltd. is a recognized pioneer in fast-paced action games and shareware publishing.  They have won eight Shareware Industry Awards since 1991more than any other company.  Apogees credits include Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3-D, Terminal Velocity, Rise of the Triad and the Duke Nukem series.

The Total Entertainment Network is a next generation online service allowing people to play hit games over a real-time network.  In addition to game titles, TEN provides innovative creative tools, virtual  environments, and information services.  The network can be accessed  through nationwide dial-up sites and the Internet.  TEN will be available  initially for Windows 95, with future versions supporting  the Macintosh.  The Total Entertainment Network, based in San Francisco, is funded by Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers.


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