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Total Entertainment Networkä Lands EF2000 v2.0

TEN Secures Exclusive U.S. Online Rights to Popular Eurofighter Flight Sim

SAN FRANCISCO   May 30, 1997   Total Entertainment Network (TEN), the market and technology leader in online multiplayer gaming, today announced that it has secured the exclusive domestic rights to deliver Digital Image Design (DID)'s EF2000 v2.0 online.  Voted 1996 simulation of the year by Computer Gaming World and one of the top 20 computer games of all time by PC Gamer Magazine (May, 1997), DID's EF2000 v2.0 will be the most graphically sophisticated flight sim ever delivered for online play.  Allowing gamers to pilot a state-of-the-art fighter jet (the Eurofighter 2000), the title's integration on TEN will enable online players to join free-for-all dogfights, ranked air combat tournaments, and elaborate air-to-air and air-to-ground missions involving squadrons of up to eight planes.  EF2000 v2.0 will be available on TEN this summer, and represents TEN's first offering in the flight simulation category.

"EF2000 is generally regarded as the most advanced flight sim on the market today, and having it exclusively available on TEN is a major coup," said Jack Heistand, president and CEO of TEN.  "Online pilots all over the country will now be able to compete in multiplayer mid-air battles with an unprecedented level of control, realism and visual detail.  Coupled with TEN's unmatched nationwide performance, devoted community and superior player ranking system, EF2000 will be the online game of choice for flight sim fans."

Based on the future flagship of Great Britain's Royal Air Force, the EF2000 is an extremely advanced tactical fighter jet with an amazing array of weapons systems and other capabilities. The wide variety of settings and mission types, delivered at unprecedented levels of detail, further add to the sensation of being at the controls of a US$100 million dollar plane.  On TEN, the game will support as many as eight simultaneous players, an impressive number given the high level of visual detail and the speed with which such fighter jets travel and maneuver.

"We designed EF2000 v2.0 to simulate an experience that actual fighter pilots have not yet enjoyed: Flying a next-generation combat aircraft under combat conditions," said Martin Kenwright, managing director at U.K.-based Digital Image Design. "We chose TEN as the American solution for online gameplay because no other service in the U.S. could provide the high levels of performance, stability and support necessary for such a sophisticated flight sim."

The addition of EF2000 will also broaden the spectrum of game genres on the TEN network, and will attract an even wider audience of computer gamers to the service.  TEN plans to offer detailed individual player rankings for EF2000 online gamers, and award unique military titles and honors for the best performances. Playable via 14.4 bps or faster modems, the game is relatively easy to learn and extremely challenging to play. For more information about DID's EF2000 v2.0 on TEN, go to or

Total Entertainment Network is the premier entertainment network for game playing consumers on the Internet.  TEN has online rights to more than 30 games  half of which are TEN exclusives  by leading software publishers including 3D Realms Entertainment, Accolade, Apogee, Blizzard, Eidos Interactive, id Software, GT Interactive, MicroProse, Sierra On-Line/Papyrus, SSI and Westwood Studios.  Based in San Francisco, TEN was formed in 1995 from the merger of Outland, Inc. and Planet Optigon, Inc.  TEN received its initial funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, with subsequent investors including  Ameritech; Goldman Sachs; Robertson, Stephens & Co.; Vertex Management; and Wasserstein Perella Ventures.


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(EF2000 v2.0 screen shots are available upon request)

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