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TEN @ Computer Game Developers' Conference
April 25-29, 1997

Plenary Session

Title:  The Little Four: Panel Discussion with Low Latency Gaming Networks

Date:  04/28/1997

Time:  11:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Description:  This seminar is a panel discussion with the CEOs of the "Little Four," leading low latency, online entertainment channels: Engage, TEN, Mpath/Catapult and Kesmai. Topics include: developer royalty structures; gameplay, technology and support requirements; usage patterns; community building; advice on best and worst game attributes; benefits to developers and publishers; and comparison between these services and the Big Three: AOL, CompuServe, and MSN. Jeff Leibowitz, CEO of Engage, Jack Heistand, CEO of TEN, John Taylor III, president of Kesmai, and Paul Matteucci, CEO of Mpath/Catapult, have agreed to be interviewed, grilled, dissected, and otherwise talked at by moderator Dean Frost and anyone else who shows up. This panel is particularly interesting and timely for computer game developers considering entry into online multiplayer gaming, especially if they produce action, real time simulation, or other latency intolerant games.

Intended Audience: Developers considering original online products or porting products to online; particularly if their products demand low latency. Also publishers and online channels interested in the economics and technology of the leading channels.

Class Level: All

Format: Lecture

Primary Track: Business and Legal

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