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June 8 - 14, 1997

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TEN reduces monthly flat rate to $19.95

TEN and Intel Launch "Mapstravaganza" Design Contest

Kornelia wins CGDC QUAKE Gibfest, creams Romero

TEN releases version 1.2

Revolutionary Quake Enhancement Available Now

TEN announces major upgrade

Diablo now on TEN

TEN surpasses 25,000 subscribers

QUAKE Rankings

Red Alert Rankings

TEN Unveils Super Fast D.A.R.T. Technology

Nascar Racing Online Series: Coming soon to TEN

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It's a Blood-letting

Blood Festival This Friday the 13th
June 10, 1997

Friday the 13th flicks. What more do you want?!? This Friday the 13th, TEN is sponsoring its "Friday, Bloody, Friday" Blood gore-o-rama. Answer our inane trivia
questions and win a teenage slasher film suitable for your VCR to chow down on.

 Just show up in the Blood shareware or retail Arenas between 4 PM and midnight on Friday, June 13 and look for the evil visages of the "TEN-Demons". They may pull
YOU from the crowd and ask you a random trivia question relating to Friday the 13th. If you survive that trauma, a one-on-one Blood-bath will ensue. Emerging unscathed will win you a video. Else, you die.

TEN 1.2

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