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TEN Developers' Registration Area
Got a game you'd like to see up and running on the Total Entertainment Network?  TEN works in partnership with game publishers and independent developers to adapt their games for TEN play.  We've got a complete set of development tools to make game adaptation easy, and a staff of gung-ho games integration engineers to help you through any rough spots.

For more information about a relationship with TEN as a developer, read A Developer's Introduction to TEN.

devNews@TEN, the monthly developer newsletter to find out the latest in TEN technology news.

To register as a TEN developer, fill out this amazingly simple form.

If you're already a registered developer, log-in to the  TEN Developers' Web Site where you'll find the TEN online game APIs and libraries, sample code, documentation, and testing software that includes a game server for non-commercial use.

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