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TEN Version 1.2 Arrives
With version 1.2, we've added a ton of features, and we're sure you'll be as pleased as spiked punch. Some of the new doodads include:

  • Email: Woo! With v1.2, every TEN member will have their own, personal electronic mail address with which you can send mail to your buds on TEN and throughout the entire Internet world.  All you'll need to e-mail a TEN player is their screen name!
  • Page and Locate: In v1.2, you can page a friend and conduct a private conversation with them, wherever the friend may be on TEN.  Your gaming partner isn't logged on at the time?  "Page" will notify you the second he sets foot on TEN.  No more hunt-and-peck for folks.
  • Easy Web access: TEN v1.2 will provide quick-and-dirty links to TEN's custom Web sites. Bop on over to the DataSpheres, our game support areas on the Web. Got questions? Our Support site has your answers. And get the latest TEN news and events from the News@TEN site.
  • B.U.L.L.E.T. technology: With BULLET (Bill's Ultimate Lockstep Lag Eliminator Technology), games like Duke Nukem 3D, Diablo and the upcoming Blood and Shadow Warrior will have increased smoothness in gameplay. Other "lockstep" games in the pipeline will also take advantage of this high-powered speed fest.
  • Improved game creation: When you create a game in version 1.2, a special window will open at the bottom of the TEN screen where you can privately chat with people who join your game -- all the time maintaining a conversation with the main Arena. Easy to recruit new folks to your game, discuss how the game is configured, wait for laggards!

There's plenty more in version 1.2 (check out the newsgroups), but you'll have to experience it for yourself! And, just as a mini-warning, there will be a sizable patch to this new version since we've revamped a lot of the art.  You won't be charged for the download time. 

Get psyched for the next generation in online gaming and

DOWNLOAD version 1.2 right now.

TEN Version 1.2 Press Release

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System requirements:

Minimum: 486/66 DX2, Windows 95, 8MB RAM, 14.4 Modem, 2x Speed CD-ROM

Recommended:  Pentium 60MHz,  16MB RAM, 28.8 Modem, 2x Speed CD-ROM
(This recommended system configuration is required for some action games)

You must be over 18 and own a major credit card to join TEN.

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