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Download TEN Version 1.2

Download the TEN software. You'll need a file called TENZIP.EXE, a 4.8 MB file. Look, here it is!


Install the TEN front-end software by double-clicking on TENZIP.EXE. This will extract the compressed TEN file and launch the TEN installation program, which will copy the TEN files to your hard drive. (If you've previously installed TEN, be sure to completely uninstall the old version before installing the new.)

When you're done with the installation, sign on to TEN. You can do this by double-clicking on the TEN icon in the PROGRAM FILES/TEN folder (or wherever you chose to install TEN). You can also use your Windows 95 Start Menu in the lower left corner of your screen. Select START - Programs - TEN - Total Entertainment Network.

Register as a New User. Select the New User button on the TEN sign on screen. You'll be prompted to enter account information, a credit card number, and other fun little facts about yourself. Rest assured that TEN uses the latest in encryption technology (RSA) to protect your personal information.

Get into a game. Once you've reached the main TEN screen, choose a game that you have installed on your system (see the "Browse the Menu of Games" section for game installation instructions). Then, select a Game Arena from the Arena Selector (pick one with some people in it). Finally, chat a bit with the other players (they won't bite) and arrange a game. You can either Join a game or Create one for others. On your first visit, it's probably best to Join a game created by an experience player.

So we can't count. Blame it on the Republicans, Democrats, or the ozone hole. Point is, have a good time.

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System requirements:

Minimum: 486/66 DX2, Windows 95, 8MB RAM, 14.4 Modem, 2x Speed CD-ROM

Recommended:  Pentium 60MHz,  16MB RAM, 28.8 Modem, 2x Speed CD-ROM
(This recommended system configuration is required for some action games)

You must be over 18 and own a major credit card to join TEN.

Macintosh users are encouraged to try Outland


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